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twd meme -  two weapons [2/2]

↳ Daryl’s crossbow


"We started drifting into the bowl cut era," Evans said, referencing his 7th grade picture. "And the clear braces were something special. Can you see this fantastic bead necklace that I have on? For some reason I buttoned the top button [of my denim shirt]. It’s so unacceptable," he continued. "I blame my parents completely. They knew every day this kid was walking out the door and they said, ‘Good luck!’"

Connor: I feel like sitting on a patio and drinking today
Me: I would join you, but I have to go bake weed brownies later
Connor: Being an adult is so hard

Garrett Hedlund photographed by John Balsom for Man of the World Issue No.8

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And then you realize that Forrest knows about his condition all along and your heart breaks a little.

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"What?! Who’s this little guy? I do wanna say hi but it’s gonna take up time that we don’t have for the interview." - Dylan fascinated by interviewer’s baby

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Let the spirits of the earth guide you.

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